Made, not born

Who first imagined the concepts of robots, automata, human enhancements, and Artificial Intelligence? Historians tend to trace the idea of the automaton back to the medieval craftsmen who developed selfmoving machines. But if we cast our nets back even further, more than two thousand years ago in fact, we will find a remarkable set of ideas and imaginings that arose in mythology, stories that envisioned ways of imitating, augmenting, and surpassing natural life by means of what might be termed biotechne, “life through craft.” In other words, we can discover the earliest inklings of what we now call biotechnology.

Gods and robots, Chapter 1

Millennia before engineering or software, robots and artificial intelligence were brought to life in Greek myths. The author of "Gods and Robots Myths, Machines, and Ancient Dreams of Technology": traces the link between technology and tyranny from modern day concerns over AI to back to antiquities fear of beings were "made, not born.”